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Week 50: "Reflections...In Her Own Words"

Daniel Barash

As we enter the final stretch of our year-long "Challah-it-Forward" Challenge, this week I decided to let Aviva speak about the experience in her own words. After we looked over photos taken throughout the year, I asked her some questions. Here are her thoughts...

Abba: "What does 'Challah-it-Forward' mean to you?"

Aviva: "We 'challah-it-away' to somebody else…"

Abba: "Why do we 'challah-it-away' to somebody else?"

Aviva: “So people can enjoy it.”

Abba: "Who are the people that we’ve 'challahed-it-away' to? Who do you remember?"

Aviva: "Milo, Chapparal House, Zoe (at the Women's Daytime Drop-in Center), our next door neighbors, Dr. Wolffe when he was sick...people in Kauai!"

Abba: "Who have you enjoyed making challah with?"

Aviva: "Aunty Cindy! Abba Gabba! Nana Trudy! Zaide Lazer! Emily! Gideon! Max!"

Abba: "What was your favorite part of making the challah each week?"

Aviva: "Honey…putting the honey in!"

Abba: "What was your favorite ingredient?"

Aviva: "Honey!"

Abba: "Aviva, you once said, 'I’m a Challah Artist.' What did you mean by that?"

Aviva: "Artists paint…and I was brushing egg on the challah!"

Abba: "Do you think you know more about baking challah now than you did when you first began one year ago?"

Aviva: "I know how to mix…I know how to lick the honey…I know how to put the flour in…I know how to take little pieces of challah!"

Abba: "How does it make you feel inside when you 'Challah-it-Forward?'"

Aviva: "A million trillion billion...not sad, not happy, but a little bit in the middle…"

Abba: "If we continue to 'Challah-it-Forward,' who would you like to give challah to?"

Aviva: "Claire (Aviva's preschool teacher), so she doesn’t have to cook ‘cause of her new baby…And people in my life that I know, but I haven’t given it to...Aunty Cindy and Abba Gabba!"

Abba: "What was the hardest part each week about making challah?"

Aviva: "Stirring it when it was a little bit doughy!"

Abba: "Any other thoughts you’d like to share?"

Aviva: "I think my friends liked making challahs with us…It was really fun, and we got one piece, but the other people got tons of pieces."

A warm Shanah Tovah to one and all...!